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Jake the “Alligator Man” is the mayor of Long Beach, WA

Every year in Long Beach they throw a birthday party for a mummified oddity that has been dead since the Beatles had hit records. It happens at the beginning of August. Starting in 2001 the town gave Jake a key to the city, and now his birthday party is the summer festival of choice on the peninsula.

They even have a bride of Jake contest as part of the festivities, which is good because Jake doesn’t get a lot of correspondence on his eHarmony page. In 1967 he was purchased by the Marsh family for $750 from an antiques store. The Long Beach Merchant’s Association has decided to call it “Jake’s 75th Birthday Party,” and since he is a mummy and doesn’t age, every year is his 75th birthday. In fact no one really knows how old Jake is, not to mention where the hell he came from.

Speculation is that he is from Florida and he was a tabloid sensation in 1993 when he was accused of escaping from captivity, and killing a man despite being a corpse. There can be no debating that he is the hardest working dead man in showbiz.



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