Currently Reading: Vintage Seattle

Jess Cliffe has a hobby. As our rich local history battles the bland coming like the “nothingness” in The NeverEnding Story (1984), Cliffe catalogs the Seattle some of us knew. People submit old relics they found tucked away in attics, and most of the stuff is extremely high resolution.

We like to cruise around the site picking up references when writers block is making the next PDA Magazine veer off course.

“The goal of the site is to document the city’s history by way of old photographs, vintage postcards, advertisements, historic building profiles, etc…” Cliffe explains. “I hope the documentation on this blog will help us find our way forward by looking back.”

Just don’t mention anything about the sinking ship parking garage. It’s a sore subject for Cliffe. Many believe that spot in Seattle to be cursed after it was stolen from Chief Seattle’s people, the Suquamish, when it was their main fishing village. There is a killer book about this parcel of land called “Boren Block One: A Sinking Ship” by Sid Andrews.

Seattle is fairly young, but it has done some living in its time. Vintage Seattle has the proof.










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