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Parking is a tight squeeze, and if you pass Rick’s adult entertainment you’ve gone too far. Tubs Subs is tucked away in Lake City, but it has been anything but a secret since it opened in 1983. Like most sandwich shops in town the bread has to be unique, it’s the calling card and delivering fresh through-out the day is a given. Unlike many counterparts, Tubs won’t say where this artisan baguette comes from, opting for mystery rather than co-signing with an established bakery to drive more patrons.

There is another location in Lynnwood, and most of the employees are local high school students that keep the atmosphere lively. Give them a call about party trays because the catered platters show a lot more class than a Jimmy John’s boxed lunch spread. This local establishment is full of fun tidbits, from the in-house soups to a claim that they used a robot to make a sandwich delivery. We at 4E cannot confirm or deny this, but it’s worth the detour if you are headed up Lake City Way.

Our two favorite items are the Firecracker and the Joker’s Dip. The most original thing about these sandwiches is that they feature a hot BBQ sauce, served heated as a side in a dipping cup. You dunk the sandwich like it was au jus. Joker’s Dip has a nice assortment of deli meats (ham, turkey, roast beef and bacon) and the Firecracker is a seasoned chicken option with bold flavor courtesy of the garlic mayo, special firecracker seasonings, jalapeños, bacon, and jack cheese. The chicken is smothered in ranch dressing then the whole thing gets a hot BBQ sauce rub-and-tug. It’s a dippers delight.

11064 Lake City Way NE #16
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 361-1621

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