Currently Reading: The Stumbling Goat

Calling itself Seattle’s best kept secret and quoting Virginia Woolf on the website made this spot an instant hit with 4E. Good food can add a smile that lasts awhile, and Chef Joshua Theilen’s fare is built for this purpose. He is a rising star in the local foodie scene after stints with “Hunt Club” (Sorrento Hotel) and “Restaurant Zoe.”

Pan-roasted organic chicken with garlic confit and polenta is a favorite amongst our ranks. SGB also makes a rootbeer float with in-house rootbeer that would make the malt shoppe jealous. The happy hour is another draw as the $5 pickled vegetable plate with some “Gougéres,” a cheese puff concoction, has made many rainy afternoons less gloomy after long hours at the office. The confit, which is a French term for soaking meat in a gravy-type broth for preservation, has an addictive quality to it; it is aging and marination at the same time.

The cocktails make a lasting impression as well. “Old Vermont” with its bacon bourbon, maple syrup and orange bitters is a savory beverage with a sugary backside. The “Rhubirinha” makes rhubarb a main attraction which knocked the socks off some of 4E’s out-of-town visitors.
For those wondering ‘What the hell is a Stumbling Goat?’ We asked. The place was to be named “Drunken Boat” after an Arthur Rimbaud poem. However, the State Liquor Board rejected this based on a prohibition statute leftover from 1933. After several bottles of wine, the proprietors started rhyming things with “Drunken Boat” and the name came to be.

6722 Greenwood Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 784-3535

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