Currently Reading: The GoodLife! FC Makes It Nice

New York soccer club and creative agency designs with marijuana in mind



The GoodLife! FC is a group of soccer playing conspirators just as distinguished in their day jobs as their after hours hobbies. They play in competitive leagues in Downtown Manhattan like Bowery Premier and Adidas Fanatic. Custom uniforms and casual wear are produced to outfit this club, and without any reservations the GoodLife! adorns their cannabis leaf like a family crest.

Founded by photographer Craig Wetherby and creative marketer Tim Brodhagen, it serves as a creative agency with an exclusive list of clients when it’s not fielding a side of seven to play on the condensed pitches like Lions Gate Park at the intersection of Grand and Forsyth in Chinatown. On this particular day they are working with the company making their woven badges that get heat-transfered on to their custom Adidas miTEAM tops.

The black-on-black gunmetal isn’t metallic enough. Wetherby and Brodhagen are using a flash to see how it will photograph at night, and translate to Instagram. This isn’t some chop-shop hack-job beer league bullshit — these guys care about branding and their tribe like a sports franchise does… and then some.



Winter sports brand collaborations are lining up as they always do this time of year. Burton Snowboard parties at Milk Studios. Park City adventures, and the ever-popular domino nights in NYC that rotate locations to keep ahead of the health inspector hassling about blazing indoors.

These are held on Tuesdays and always begin with a family dinner, paid for by the plate, with a special menu they help select. At some point during the party the founders rise from their seats and yell “greenlight,” which is the less than subtle way of saying you are now free to smoke marijuana without fear of retribution from staff or other customers. Finding a spot that will play ball is a task.

The Cardinal in the East Village had the perfect cellar with a secret entrance, and a series of tunnels between courtyards where they staged small-ball street soccer 3-on-3 tournaments during the World Cup this year. They now hold court at Sweet Chick L.E.S.

Touting the “We Make It Nice” slogan and other positive mental attitudes has begat a series of special product curations sold on a limited basis through their website. Medtainer grinder storage solutions, Domino boards, Coal beanies, Mixtapes with Ricky Powell and Hooligan scarves all bearing pro-marijuana messaging.

They refer to them as “Edizione Speciale” and proclaim to be all about “The finishing touches,” Wetherby says.

“The images, experiences, destinations and flavors from our family of contributors across the world is what we reflect,” Wetherby adds.



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