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Lately 4E has been in the enviable position of touring Western Washington to check out several access points. One of our favorites is the CPC in Georgetown, owned by Jeremy Kaufman and Ben Regan. While visiting with Jeremy, who happens to be the Seattle Weekly’s 2011 Bud Tender of the year, we were introduced to THC pills for the first time. The concept makes plenty sense, as many people consume cannabis for medical use and do not enjoy or simply cannot smoke. At the same time, many people don’t want to consume a brownie or cookie either. So, a pill? How convenient indeed.

Like many collectives in the business, there is an interesting back story for those who created the start-up donation center as well as the products. The story behind CPC’s THC pills however aims directly at the heart of what we do this for in the first place.

Jeremy Kaufman was a young, active college student and owner of his own company. He was always outdoors, and loved skiing and snowboarding. One day while snowboarding he suffered a horrendous accident, crashing head first into a tree and breaking his neck and suffering temporary paralysis. After the injury it took countless surgeries, years of rehab and untold amounts of opiates to cope with the constant pain. Not the occasional pain, but the constant pain that comes from having titanium rods connecting your head to your spine and pressure holes drilled into his skull. The kind of pain where your doctor says it will only get worse.

Opiate addiction ended up doing to Jeremy what it has done to many patients all over the world, and most notably right here in America. He lost 30 pounds due to pill side effects, his liver and kidney shut down and his personal life suffered greatly.

“I was checked into a psych facility at one point because I was talking to people who weren’t there. All of this with medicine my doctors were prescribing me. Morphine, Oxycontin, Percocet, Methadone, Diazepam, the list goes on and on.” Kaufman adds, “So instead of jumping off a bridge, I started to research. Anything and everything that would help with degenerative muscle tissues as well as pain management.”

Enter THC pills. After much research, trials and tribulations the current THC pills (sativa and indica options) at CPC took a lot of TLC. In short, these pills are comprised of THC oil and hemp oil, using the Rick Simpson oil extraction method. These specific pills are given in packs of 4, each pill being a .25 gram dosage. Like most products we get from the local dispensaries, we had to try it and form our own opinion.

On a recent Monday evening we got together and tried a single sativa THC pill. As instructed by Ben Regan, we took the pill with some milk (helps to get your stomach’s digestive enzymes working, starting the digestion of the oil in the pill as well.) Truthfully it wasn’t the most exciting, because edible consumption is not a preferred method of medicating for many of us at 4E. The general assumption was that the psychoactive effects of the pill would be similar to that of a brownie or cookie, but boy were we wrong.

Forty minutes after taking the pill, many of us felt the same type of sativa head high rush as combusting induces. Like exactly the same. Many of us went on with our normal evening plans, and were feeling the effects for 3 to 4 hours.

As Kaufman says, “I don’t ever wonder what my life would be like without this plant. I know, and I wouldn’t be here for it. This wonderful little (and sometimes massive) plant helps me find peace in a world of torture.”



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