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“It’s beyond smoking marijuana – like the whole use of hemp, fuel, medicine for physical ailments, what the plant can do. But it’s not publicized that way. They don’t know what this plant can really do. They don’t say what other effects the plant has. There’s the stereotypical idea that we’re stoners, we smoke it and buzz out.

In my country [Jamaica] the old folks use rum, pimento, marijuana and crush it all in a bottle and rub on their joints for aches and pain. In my culture smoking herb is more like a sacrament. It’s more like, you smoke herb, then you get into a frame of mind. It’s not just to smoke – you’re not just getting high.”

– Stephen Marley, Recording Artist

Things People From Seattle Want To Ask Stephen Marley

PDA: How do you feel about weed from Seattle?

Marley: “It’s good. You got some for me? There wasn’t enough smoke in the air [at the show], so when I got on stage I said ‘Sorry, this isn’t going to work, you can smoke’ and everyone just lit up.”

PDA: What’s your rule for smoking?

“The person who rolls it, smokes it first. Lights it, let us know that its ALLLL GOOOD! Never let someone pass it unless they like it.”


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