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Superkings has called itself the “Planet’s New Home Team,” uniting the West Coast in an artistic attempt to draw attention to the lunacy of sports ownership in the 21st Century. A small collective of designers who prefer to remain nameless took back the visual markings of the ball clubs that are supported by the public trust.

Commemorating this period of franchise limbo that seems never ending, is how it started. The forehead-slapping realization that Oklahoma City owner Clay Bennett is the head of the relocation committee, and is in a position of influence to prevent a team returning to the market where he swiped his team in 2008, was too ironic to ignore. While half a billion dollars hangs in the balance, the fan that ties the success of the team to their personal identity about the city in which they live, can’t get behind the velvet rope.

Souvenirs have been created so we all can buy a keepsake of this fictional franchise, built in our image by streetwear designers rather than posh branding houses who inevitably add a sheen of corporate gloss. This is what it would look like if Seattle styled the home team. The approach aims at creating common ground with Sacramento, which no one can deny is getting the shit end of the stick at a time when they need attractions to bring its residents downtown. Superkings is a team for all fans who are marginalized by the profit-driven salivation moistening pro sports leagues from sea to shining sea.




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