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Jack and Frank Alger were living in Vancouver, B.C., where the classic British street food of fish-and-chips (similar to how we serve hot dogs in America) were being sold at stands in places like Kitsilano Beach. In 1934 Jack bet Seattle would embrace the foreign fast food and opened the first SPUD on Alki Beach.

That location was bought out by Ivars many years ago, and the recipe is not the same today. Although it’s not widely reported, the Greenlake location maintained independence and still cooks the original SPUD cod: wide and thin, with a batter that blows minds. Our preference is for a “Single w/ Extra,” which means a regular amount of hand-cut fries (or chips) and two large pieces of fish. The tartar sauce is out-of-this-world and large sides of it are $0.50, we understand because it’s too good to give away free.

Summer days are when the lines get long, but SPUD becomes a bit of a local hangout and surprises like a stop in from the Seafair Pirates are the norm. Get a t-shirt for a piece of local history, they are more high quality than most souvenir merch, and follow them on Facebook for regular updates.

6860 E Green Lake Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 524-0565

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