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This beachside retreat brings all the style of Soho to the rocky Pacific Coast

It is a local tradition for clam diggers to ring in the New Year mucking around tidal flats pulling up razor clams. The Department of Fish and Wildlife knows this and schedules an opening that night despite less than stellar clamming conditions. Visitors at Adrift Hotel can walk right out to the beach and lend a hand to the sandy pastime. Free bikes in the lobby allow guests to explore the coastline and get off the grid, while a rooftop bar and culinary destination are waiting for them to return in their soggy rubber boots.

Chef Sebastian Carosi commands the kitchen at “Pickled Fish,” where the views are postcards waiting to happen. He keeps the menu seasonal and during our recent stay Veronica Williams’ locally foraged wild mushrooms were the theme that inspired his new offerings. Shuffleboard tournaments are a regular thing, and the rooms run from simple studios to oceanview suites.

“We took what was formerly an outdated economy motel with an amazing location and have revitalized it to become the unique oceanfront experience it is today,” the management said in a press release.

It’s undeniably affordable too, the best room in the place goes for around $125 a night. It’s hard to get a broom closet in the U-District for that price.

409 SW Sid Snyder Dr
Long Beach, WA 98631
(800) 561-2456



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