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For a long time downtown Spokane had nothing going on after sundown. Owner Colleen Freeman was tired of drive-thrus and fluorescent lit diner chains, so she took matters into her own kitchen more than a decade ago. It’s always open until 4 am while the rest of downtown slumbers. Breakfast is served all hours and they make these incredible sliders with hollandaise dipping sauces that put McDonalds biscuit sandwiches to shame. Biscuits are made in-house, and the side plate is as big as a Frisbee. Served with sausage gravy galore, another concoction made on-site. The pancakes are indisputable fan favorite as they use Satellite’s own sweet cream batter.

Some of us 4E folks are more into the savory options and the homemade soups made from scratch and rotating daily are sublime. The Billy Breen burger which uses two grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun, part of the Extreme Eating menu that advertises: “while it’s still legal.” A florist shop went out of business next door and Freeman decided to expand to include a lounge connected to the diner. It’s been a steady run of good greasy spooning since and downtown Spokane is enjoying more late-night revelers because of it. It is especially fun during the St. Patrick’s Day parade we hear.

Satellite Diner
425 W Sprague Ave

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