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This is a place that is rarely open and never without a line. The mystique comes from the lineage of the ownership. Armandino Batali, globally famous celebrity chef Mario Batali’s father, founded the company with his wife. Their family owned Seattle’s first import store in 1903. He worked for 30 years as a Boeing engineer before pursuing his cured meat passion. There are some fine slabs, and slicing recommendations on their website, but more than anything Salumi preserves the Italian tradition of the “salumeria,” where the artisan factory is also a storefront, and lunch counter.

Take an afternoon off and drop in after the rush around 2:30 pm. Get the “Porchetta” sandwich, if you try to ask for cheese on it you will be politely told it doesn’t need cheese. The chunks of pork are going to romance your taste buds. Get a link of mole salami for later and order whatever soup or side is the weekly special. Doesn’t matter if you hate every ingredient in it, just order it.

This is the royal dinner table for foodie elite in Seattle. We have heard stories of the clout that has gathered around the table in the back of their Pioneer Square shop. If you want to experience a little bit of that jazz you can call ahead and book a party of 8-10 people during lunch hours. They ask that you clear the rest of your afternoon then sit your down to a five-course menu featuring “the chef’s whims,” as they put it. That’s right you don’t order jack diddly squat. It’s $40 per person plus tax, tip and wine. They won’t do orders over the website so drop them a line for sandwich party trays if you really want to make some new friends at the next potluck.

309 3rd Ave S
(between S 2nd Avenue Extended & Main St)
Seattle, WA 98104

Open Tues – Fri
11 am to 4 pm

(206) 621-8772

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