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The sign in front has a direct caption, no frills but a bit of wit. It reads “Seafood and Landfood.” The point being no matter where the ingredients are found, the kitchen at Saltoro knows what to do with it. Chef Sieb Jurriaans has created a menu with “French flair and Mediterranean style,” according to the Seattle Times.

Pasta dishes like Salmon penne are what the locals recommended, but the Sea-salt Chicken and Lamb Burgers are what really stole the show during our recent visit. Truffle fries are heaped tall, and are not easily forgotten even after a big entree. Another can’t-miss dish is the starter of fried walnuts in honey with New Zealand blue cheese.

Proprietor Cole Ratliff has worked magic at nearby Bick’s, an American-style diner, and Saltoro maintains a bit more modern decor with date-night ambience to boot. As Bethany Jean Clement of the Stranger put it “we’re stunned to find the inside modern and cozy, glossy and comfortable — an entirely improbable oasis.”

North Seattle does in fact have attractive dining that doesn’t require you to drive up and eat in your passenger seat.

14053 Greenwood Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98133
(206) 365-6025

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