Currently Reading: Royal Grinders

It’s hard to miss. A giant statue of Lenin, and an old Masonic Lodge with a neon sign saying Gelato in the middle. Well that little sandwich shop owned by the Suh brothers (relation to Ndamukong is undetermined) with deliver to the Fremont area rain or shine via bicycle, and if the weather is nice Procopio Gelati will be flying out of the tubs faster than you can fathom.

The key to these sandwiches are the Coeur d’Alene French Baking Co. rolls. In a city that does bread about as well as it’s coffee, from Macrina to Columbia City Bakery back to Grand Central, this one stands out. But at 4E, located nearby on Aurora Ave, we make the trip mostly for the Gelato. Otherwise it’s hard to avoid Paseo (the nationally revered Cuban sandwich spot) when we drive by and see a reasonably sized line.

But Royal Grinders put itself in a warm place in 4E’s heart with the invention of the “Lenny Scoop.” It’s a small dollop of another flavor on top of your generous helping of a primary Gelato flavor. Our favorite is the Pineapple Basil with a “Lenny Scoop” of Spicy Azteca Chocolate, which the Seattle Times calls a “dreamy mix of chocolate, cinnamon and spices.”

3526 Fremont Place N
Seattle WA 98103
(206) 545-7560

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