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Artist, Writer, Producer at Screaming Flea Productions

“I did a lot of research on this topic for my job and I can honestly say that yes, I believe cannabis has numerous medicinal values. The patients I spoke to told tales that brought tears to my eyes. From the alleviated pain to the newfound hunger that cannabis patients experience, I absolutely think the plant can give new life and hope to a multitude of suffering people. Overall, I’d love to see people in the medical cannabis community, producers and patients, protected firstly… but I also think it would be lovely if marijuana was fully legalized.”

How do you feel about friends and/or family using this plant?

“I’ve always been super comfortable with pretty much anyone I know using marijuana. I think that anything in excess, even delicious donuts or Reuben sandwiches, isn’t a good thing. So that would be my only concern. Also, people tend to think I’m a lot funnier than I actually am when they smoke, so I kind of love high people for that reason.”

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