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There is a right way to create these dabs of goodness, and that matters most for patients with compromised immune systems

In an industry where anonymity is the name of the game – it’s common to find many power players in the extract and concentrate community keeping low profiles and dodging unneeded attention – some even going so far as going phoneless to avoid being tapped and tracked.

Not Nolan Foster (or @Nolan_Robert as he his known on Instagram). This guy is doing the exact opposite.

Using social media and blogging Nolan communicates instantly, casually and directly with the patients consuming his products: “Seattle’s Best Cannabis Concentrates” and “Refine Seattle N-Tane Hash Oil.” Through tweets and “@” replies he is utilizing new media as a medium for promoting graduate level medical marijuana understanding.

Nolan is no stranger to the internet. He spent years and dollars out of pocket building up his own website for product reviews and general public information. Paying close attention to California and Colorado, Nolan followed specific gardens to get the best genetics and the most ingenuity in the concentrate industry. The movement finally started to take root in Washington, but due to “the clandestine nature of the industry” there was little promotion from producers. Nolan used his acquired knowledge and expertise in the field and began to serve as a middle man for the gardens, the extractors of the concentrates and the people who need them most.

Shortly thereafter, Nolan came into contact with his business partner to be, an ex-snow and skateboarder who had been making extremely advanced, extremely pure concentrates for over 10 years, without any knowledge or concern for what was taking place congruously in California and Colorado. Using Nolan’s promotional maneuverability and his partner’s advanced production techniques, the pair set out to build a rock-solid reputation.

Soon “Refine Seattle” began producing shatter from more than 15 gardens. Even though there were so many contributors, each garden met the standards of the duo, and the highest quality “N-Tane Shatter” was created. Notice we say N-Tane, not Butane. Most extractions are injecting canisters of butane (hopefully Vector or better) directly over the cannabis using an extractor tube or an extractor dome. This works fine for extraction purposes, but store grade butane is only 95% butane, the other 5% consisting of Propane and mercaterpines (smell agents so users can detect a leak).

These are NOT prime for ingesting, so switching to N-Tane, a 99.5% pure, odorless butane, was a natural progression for this bunch. Temperature controlled and vacuum purged in an industrial grade desiccator, the team at “Refine Seattle” spare no expense when it comes to perfecting their passion.

“We work with patients with compromised immune systems,” Nolan tells us.

So having the cleanest, most consistent product is necessary for them. Developing the perfect product is no overnight success either. It took countless lab tests on different controlled variables of each batch to determine the perfect ratio of fragrant, delicious terpines to residual parts per million of butane. Always using the same special cannon, the team would carefully monitor at what temperature it was purged and for how long. Heat kills the flavor, but we need heat to evaporate the residual butane, so finding that perfect balance of maximum flavor to minimum residual butane is essential.

Fortunately for “Refine Seattle,” a little testing company in Seattle called “Northwest Botanical Analysis” popped up and decided to become the first cannabis testing lab to offer residual butane testing for concentrates. NWBA and SBC used each other as guinea pigs. SBC got all the concentrates tested while NWBA got to forge ahead and perfect the science of residual butane testing. Now, the test is offered to anyone who desires it and comes standard on all SBC represented shatter.

The result is an extremely potent stained glass patients can depend on. Like taking any other prescribed medication, the dosage is now quantifiable and divisible. This is paramount for effective treatment.

Using the world’s most omnipotent billboard, the World Wide Web, Nolan has built up a network of thousands. They immediately see the latest “Refine Seattle” super extraction and know exactly where that exclusive strain is available. The patients seem to be appreciating it – the ½ grams of labeled and tested shatter fly off the shelves.

Nolan attributes much of his success to the advent of the perfectly packaged ½ gram too, allowing for individuals to take home a couple different flavors and potencies. Despite the advances in science, Nolan proudly states that the industry is still in a phase fueled by passion, not profits.

While recent election results surely will court a more profit driven market, “Seattle’s Best Cannabis Concentrates” and “Refine Seattle” are a shining example of true Northwest pioneering. Cutting through thick trees and trim, they assure the future of cannabis will be presented in a fashion as shining and transparent as the product itself.

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