Currently Reading: REAS – Behind The Eyelids

Todd “REAS” James draws fantasies of curvy women and cannabis

REAS has tackled the theater of war in his herky-jerky cartoon style in recent years and become much more in demand because of it. The rise to Sotheby’s art auctions has been predestined since his “Street Market” show at Dietch Projects in New York with ESPO and Barry McGee. They recreated an entire bodega full of signage, products and displays with their own handstyles in the interest of corporate mockery.

The dye was cast. As his subject matter became more political his profile neared Kaws-ian proportions. So he naturally regressed to drawing naked figures smoking weed.

“I don’t even like describing my work. I’d rather just show it,” REAS said before his opening in Madrid at the Javier Lopez Gallery earlier this year. “I think there is a lot more going on in the picture than what’s going to come out of my mouth.”

He conceived the pink weed leaves in the Spring Breakers x Opening Ceremony collaboration which he designed. He also loves excessive hashtagging. Here is him speaking about his recent cannabis comic sketches using nothing but hashtags, which he frequently prefers in social media settings.





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