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Regional preferences make manicuring dried herb a complicated task

In our harvesting exploration we didn’t find a single local that uses bud trimming machines. These contraptions take the most tedious part of the harvest, hand-manicuring and gently trimming while trying to capture every falling leaf for your bubble hash blend. Its a marathon, and every cannabis gardener gets shivers just thinking about it. But in California, it’s the opposite.

After a recent PDA development trip to the Bay Area, and sunny SoCal when found that all medicine is professionally sheared and the buds tend to be denser. We asked around in the Northwest and most vendors won’t even purchase a wholesale donation that has been mechanically sheared. Opinions vary as to why. Some say the illegal commercial operations and cartels use the machines and it just became a stigma over time. Others contend that the small leaves left unpruned are great for making concentrates and patients prefer to get their meds with those still attached.

The regional preference was alarming to us. Many harvests have been significantly compromised by making the wrong decision about manicuring. In the sense that leaving the trim leaves as it dries means greater weight overall, bud the quality of the flower’s presentation is affected. As we asked around most actually believed the opposite to be true, that the trim leaves made the bud more pleasing to the eye. What in the heck is goin’ on around here?

No one can argue that the presence of those more chlorophyl-rich leaves also will emit a “planty” scent that will dull the smell you worked so hard to produce. If only slightly. How could something so elementary become so polarizing? At 4E we believe it speaks to the passion for the plant and hope the debate rages on while the community is still small enough to care what patients prefer.



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