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The Woodlands shop outfits the Northwest’s backyard

Our location dictates our style. The Woodlands shop was founded on this principle, how to gear up when the forecast looks damp, what to carry with you for the day-to-day. Products that they use, wear and consume became the inventory of Woodlands. They are not curators. As they say “if we sell it, we stand behind it, and most likely in it.”

This spot is one of the few places to get Danner Boots, and we are always trying to get our hands on some of the Stumptown collection. At 4E we tend to grab some of the Made in Oregon stuff because most of the national brands are available elsewhere. Portland General Store cologne made from whisky but smelling like a million bucks was a must have. Tellason denim coats were as fly as they were affordable. Other favorites were local collective “Bridge & Burn” and the “ColumbiaKnit” beanies made exclusively for Woodlands.

Woodlands even carries the Chihuly “Native Tapestry” Pendleton book. The original is a tough find and costs $775, plus you need to call ahead. A nice reproduction was also on hand for $40 so all the bases are covered with these guys.

1308 W Burnside
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 222-2774



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