Currently Reading: Philly Ya Belly

Have you ever tried a flash grilled pastrami sandwich? We hadn’t either until we found this Everett grub spot while checking out new clinic locations. They add just the right amount of dill pickle, and the garlic fries with cheese complimented the sandwich like ranch does buffalo wings. The “Cheese Steak Deluxe” featured seasoned ribeye steak cut thin, the good pale American cheese and these sweet bell peppers that were to die for.

We ordered extra bell peppers on every sandwich during our second visit. They have a veggie sandwich option that one of our less carnivorous 4E staff members tried and it got high marks. You can add cheese whiz to anything, and that really is a must when electing for comfort food and breaking all your dietary resolutions.

They stay open ’til 8 pm every night, and are closed on Sundays. No one has tried the “Chicago Style” cheese steak where cheddar cheese is used and a 1/4 lb. German sausage comes along for the ride. But it’s next on the list when we circle back that way again. See you in line.

12432 Hwy 99
Ste 65
Everett, WA 98204

(425) 710-0130

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