Currently Reading: Old School Pizza

In August 2010 iconic New York fashion photographer Terry Richardson made a strange post to his tumblr. This is a man that lives on Bowery St. in the heart of Downtown Manhattan, and on this day he is in Olympia, WA at “Old School Pizza.” He has access to all the greatest slices in the world everyday in his own backyard, but when he took a bite of Old School’s “The Nuge” slice he was compelled to write “So delicious…” on

This downtown Oly restaurant has plenty of seating, and hosts concerts frequently. An entire wall is filled with oddball posters and there is an epic amount of graffiti in the bathrooms. At 4E we also back “The Nuge” for top slice billing at Old School, it’s a meaty mouthful (diced pepperoni, two kinds of sausage and canadian bacon). The vegetarian options are no slouch either, try the “Al Green” with ricotta and broccoli if you are “Tired of Being Alone.” That’s an Al Green song title, for you young tykes confused by that.

108 Franklin St NE
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 786-9640

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