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The “OG Worker Bee” by Harvestime Tech. will save you from being hunched over

One small edition that seemed to change a lot of lives in the indoor cannabis gardening community was that catch-all tray that lets you sit upright while you trim, you know the one with the funny name. As hard as it was to recall the exact product title, the folks that spent a couple hundred bucks swore up and down that it paid for itself in a matter of months.

The OG Worker Bee knows about buzz, the yellow and black design is highly recognizable, the proprietors make the rounds during festival seasons and the demonstration is all they need to seal the deal. It comes with a re-useable tray bag and a handy tool kit so you can snip with the best of them. The elbow pads are a life saver. That’s why this new company founded in 2011 is marketing their flagship product as “ergonomical and portable.”

Every unit is fully made in the USA and the place we have sent people to get them locally is NW Indoor Growing in Downtown Tacoma on Court Street. 4E has not had a single dissatisfied patient referral yet. We’ve got a good feeling about the innovations they have on deck since their stated objective is “to create revolutionary harvesting tools for the high-value retail gardening industry in a sustainable manner, while employing local companies and individuals.”

Right on.



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