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I think that the media coverage is finance oriented. It has less to do with actually caring about patients and more to do with making money for the parties involved. I think that it’s a great medicine for those that need it. If you have symptoms it can help allieviate, I highly encourage all friends and family members to try it. I think it is socially acceptable in Seattle, and in certain regions. I don’t think it’s like that all around the world. But Seattle? In Washington State? Shiiiet…

Is there a role cannabis plays in the creative and entertainment scenes of the Puget Sound area?

I definitely think so, I can only speak for myself and those around me but that being said… most the entertainers smoke, of all ages genres and personality types, everybody smokes, it’s always been that way, to say that it doesn’t help, it would be weird, doesn’t make much sense, statistics prove otherwise.

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