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Actress, Comedian

Notable Projects: KING-5’s Almost LIVE!, Art Zone w/ Nancy Guppy (Seattle Channel)

“I don’t personally know the science but I certainly believe people who say cannabis helps/improves their medical situations. I don’t really follow the coverage, although I have heard Rick Steves talk about legalizing marijuana and think he’s quite compelling. I feel fine about anyone using marijuana as long as they are clear with themselves about the effect and/or the “need” to use. Is it a help? Is it a hinderance? Gotta be truthful with oneself. I know numerous artists who feel that marijuana enhances their creative process.”
Have you had a humorous or telling experience with cannabis that you would like to share?

“I smoked pot in junior high – early 1970’s – and smoking too much just made me tired. I’ve tried it on rare occasions since and contemporary pot is crazy strong and crazy making. Nuff’ said.

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