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Sometimes the best spots are hiding in plain sight. MSM Deli doesn’t look like much more than a mini-mart from the outside, but if you heard what’s cooking behind the counter it’s hard to pass up. A lot like the gas station fried chicken on Beacon Hill, in Seattle’s South End, these unlikely take out joints get famous on word of mouth.

Still in the family since its inception, these “Magical Sandwich Makers (MSM)” now learn from the original owner Mike’s son. Parents that enjoyed MSM passed it on to their kids, who told their friends, who posted it on Facebook… now you’re lucky if the line isn’t out the door.

The gyro features Mad Mike’s Sauce which we would buy in any grocery store if bottled. Mike’s Deluxe is a deli hoagie so perfect, it will never change; and at $6.50 you could put away two of these 9” sandwiches for the price of one Quizno’s. Seating is picnic style and there are overflow tables in the back, nothing fancy about it – just folks that put food first.

Try a “Pocket Full of Miracles” pita wrap which is a truly unique menu item, a chicken salad sandwich with toasted almonds is rolled in a pita with vegetables and get plenty of Mad Mike’s Sauce on the side. The meatball sub is another 4E favorite, and with every regular sized sandwich under $7, it doesn’t hurt to take an extra to go.

Family sized subs are extremely affordable too; a 26” mouthful starts at $16.99 but can be a few more bucks depending on which one you order. Feed a family for the price of a single sandwich in downtown Seattle? You can do it every day on 6th Ave in Tacoma.

2220 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98403
(253) 272-4814

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