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Stereotypes from sensational news headlines aren’t the reality for these working moms, who are authorized patients as well

Pull quote: “I get judged pretty harshly by those who do not know me personally. I think this is unfair because the two, marijuana and motherhood, are completely separate in my life.”

To be a marijuana patient and advocate comes with some negative connotations, and judgmental notions. We are looked down upon by disagreeing eyes as misfits, hippies, and perhaps my favorite – addicts. I stopped counting the amount of times I have been asked, if my use of marijuana causes me to live an inactive life…

“How do you work”?
“How can you get anything done”?

More ill-informed than this, is the ignorant association that the use of marijuana will cause a person to make rash, bad decisions. It is safe to say, that no class of cannabis users are more misunderstood than mothers. Criticized and scoffed at, mothers have been spotlighted and burned at a prejudicial stake, because of cases like “Patricia Spottedcrow.” A mother who received a 12-year prison sentence, after selling a small amount of marijuana to a police informant, with her children present.

Jessica Gamble, a mother who received a bond of $10,000, and sentence of more than 11 years if convicted on all charges; after posting an online video of her two year old daughter smoking a doobie. And Stacey Sturdevant, a mother jailed for ingesting marijuana while pregnant. Headlines like these flood the media market , and are ran with far too often. Leaving uninformed viewers with a harmful perception, and placing a taboo on mothers who medicate safely. 4E got up close and personal with three vary different moms, in defense of their right to be patients.

Meet Patrice Norwood
A mother of a handsome 2-year old, Patrice is forthcoming about being a patient before her child was born and taking it up again after the pregnancy, to help with mounting feelings of postpartum depression.

“I quit for two years when I got pregnant and just recently started smoking again at the end of March,” Norwood explained. “So when time came to be able to smoke again, it only felt right. Everyone has their own opinions on marijuana. It personally doesn’t bother me at all.”

“The first time I smoked after having my son, I felt like me again. I had loads of energy and all I wanted to do was interact with him and clean everything! When I’m having a bad day or feeling stressed it helps me unwind and stay sane. At times I’ve felt as though I might experience symptoms of depression. Marijuana relieves all those feelings. I use in moderation, and never around my son. All I want from my son is to be responsible with the choices he makes in life, and know what’s wrong and what’s right.”

Meet Tonya Myers
This mother truly believes she cured her cervical cancer using cannabis. And 4E has her back.

“My cancer after every pregnancy would spread. It went to my intestines, to my appendix, to my gallbladder,” Myers recalled. “I was done, I was dying. There was nothing my doctors could do. They pretty much said they quit. God put the plant here, I think he put it here for us to use properly.”

“They wouldn’t allow me to receive medical marijuana, even while going through cancer. I had to turn to cannabis to cure what western medicine could not. So I got, and continue to get it from Oregon and Seattle dispensaries. I have been cancer and tumor free going on 16 months now. Aside from medical purposes, marijuana should be legal to use for recreational purposes. It saved my life when doctors could not, and gave my children back their mother. What is there to argue with here?”

Meet Rachel Kromm
A single mother and college student, who uses marijuana to help ease insomnia and help with the stress of her motherly duties.

“I have suffered from insomnia for many years, and no brand of sleeping pills ever seemed to help me,” Kromm mentioned. “With a small amount of marijuana, I can get a great night’s sleep and be up early to resume my responsibilities the next day. I get judged pretty harshly by those who do not know me personally. I think this is unfair because the two, marijuana and motherhood, are completely separate in my life.”

“I know that there are a lot of negative stereotypes, but many people who are pro-marijuana are extremely successful individuals and great parents to their children. I don’t believe that marijuana is a drug, or anywhere near as dangerous as alcohol or other substances. As long as your priorities are in order, and you have some free time, who’s to judge? I won’t tell my daughter about my usage till she is old enough. I want an open and honest relationship with my child, but I am her mother before I am her friend.”
– E.B.



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