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Business Founder and CEO Madison Alvarez brings a boutique sense of beauty to the male dominated marijuana market, from her homebase in Denver

When we sit down to curate PDA Magazine we always lament how difficult it is to find story options featuring women. It has long been postulated that women are more reluctant to be upfront about their stance on marijuana, and its role in their lives. So they speak about it less in print. For this reason, the brand Miss Mary Jane Co. strolled on to the scene like Beyoncé at a sausage fest.

Graphically you can see it. Their works, even product offerings, have a woman’s touch. A deft one at that. Alvarez chooses the color palate, provides the references to the illustrators and creative directs in a way that makes an impression. Nothing else on the festival or cannabis cup circuit looks like hers.

“My partner and I are always looking to design marijuana themed clothing that hasn’t been done before,” Alvarez explains. “We had seen weed print leggings before, but they all looked very similar. Pretty much with just basic green pot leaves on them. Girls like myself like options and at the time there wasn’t many. So that’s exactly what we did. I also love to wear leggings myself so I was eager to design my own. Miss Mary Jane Co. leggings, as well as the rest of our products, are always created and curated with my taste and style in mind.”

Before we knew who was behind it, those galactic print pot leaf leggings were spotted in a sartorial fashion. They were on our moodboards. If legalization can provide added legitimacy and eradicate the social stigma keeping women silent about a preference to puff instead of pour, then society is the better for it. And so is this industry. Diverse perspectives stimulate healthy growth and robust markets. The correlation between potheads and disposable income isn’t exactly a secret, but when more women start to participate every marijuana business thrives.



“Miss Mary Jane girls don’t care about what society says about ladies smoking weed, or smoking weed in general,” Alvarez clarifies. “We are changing the stigma associated with being a typical stoner. We are classy yet edgy, active, cute, fun, and most importantly advocates of cannabis. We are not ashamed of our love for marijuana, in fact we embrace it, even show it off. Girl power — by females for females. We use a lot of pastel colors and bubbly characters because at the end of the day, Miss Mary Jane Co. uses this imagery to put a feminine touch to a male dominated industry.”

We get to talking about laws, state’s rights and the many variations of doing legal marijuana business. PDA is envious at times of Colorado’s sensible legislation, especially as the 502 laws are causing pre-mature graying from Port Angeles to the Palouse.

“I prefer the medical options in Colorado. The taxation on recreational marijuana is very expensive compared to medical marijuana,” Alvarez shares. “With the amount that I smoke, and since I am prescribed it for a condition I have, the medical marijuana option is better for me. Overall, I think it is great that there are both medical and recreational options. This way everyone in Colorado has access to cannabis. That’s the way it should be throughout the world.”

Her web superstore curates products for a modern cannabis connoisseur crowd. The glass pieces, smoking apparatuses, casual wear and collectible items are all selected with the utmost eye for character. Miss Mary Jane Co.’s taste reflects a premium on unique qualities and stockists. If you’re a guy, who wants to get a little something for a special girl, who knows “Errl” — then you could browse this site blindfolded and come out the hero every time.

“I enjoy selling glass art. One of our mission statements is to support female glassblowers, so I take pride in representing these artists and having girly glass accessible,” Alvarez said as we wrapped up.

Girly is one way to put it, but in many cases the stuff she chooses is just better.



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