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The former Heavyweight Champion was a real spectacle. Mike Tyson, the most exciting fighter to ever lace up the tools of ignorance, of course found kinship in an equally exciting griot named Tupac Shakur.

The two stayed in touch through jail bids, and Tyson began to exclusively use Tupac’s music for his grand entrances after he got a tongue lashing from Pac for using a Redman track for the long walk to the ring.

In Sept 2010, more than a decade after Tupac’s death, Tyson revealed he wished he would have not been so worried about hiding his cannabis use, a term he called being a “closeted smoker.” He felt that fear caused him to miss an opportunity that never came again.

“He always wanted me to smoke weed with him, and I never did it, and I wish I did,” Tyson told CBS News. “That’s my biggest regret.”

It seems strange for an individual who bit half a man’s ear off in front of millions of viewers to have a regret such as this. It speaks to the bond shared by close friends who also medicate together. It’s a metaphysical connection stemming from the shared break from reality.

ESPN’s critically acclaimed documentary series 30-for-30 examined the parallels of these two men’s lives, in a film called “One Night In Vegas” by Reggie Rock. It was ironic and tragic that Tupac’s last night on earth was spent at a Mike Tyson fight.

These two colossal personalities towered over the 1990s and changed the course of human history with their Shakespearean sagas. Tupac will continue to be greatly missed by all of us at 4E and Mike Tyson needs more acting roles.


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