Currently Reading: METRONOME COFFEE

We notice the little things, and the to-go cup at Metronome made a statement. Instead of paper heat-guards they had a cork material that seems luxurious and more efficient for gripping, it looked good too. But since it’s what’s inside that counts, you’ll be happy to know these guys treat coffee like Ferrari treats cars. These fresh brewed cups are crafted.

You can even request the process from Chemex infusion to Siphon style (popular in the 1960s, also called “vacpots” but the process goes back to a century before in Europe) and the baristas can pull it off. The French press and lattes are more in our lane however.

Doors stay open until 11 pm on weeknights, two hours later on weekends and at all hours they still put a design in your foam. The pumpkin lattes in the Fall are a sign of the season for 4E, but the favorite day-to-day order is the cardamom (ginger-ish) honey-rose latte. Good sativa deserves coffee like this, and mornings don’t get much better.

Seattle, WA 98406
(253) 301-2367

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