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Sunglasses that save your eyes in the grow room

The glass is molded in Germany and the frames in Italy. It’s packaged in Santa Cruz, CA and coming soon to where ever “High Pressure Sodium (HPS)” lighting is used to grow plants indoors. It blocks all of the UV spectrum. It blocks infrared heat rays. It leaps tall light hoods in a single bound. High Times called it “Gear of the Year” in 2012, we’ll just call it worth the price.

The term they are using is “epic clarity,” and it’s easy enough to see when the harsh yellow-tinged illumination turns to the HD quality of a Samsung flat-screen. We tried for ourselves at this year’s “High Times Cannabis Cup” at Seattle’s Fremont Studios, and then bought two pairs.

Apparently we have their patent pending “Rendition Technology” to thank. After blocking the yellow, it white balances what is left in the light spectrum and eliminates your optical fatigue. It an agreed upon medical fact that prolonged exposure to UV and infrared radiation causes eye damage, so the product is far from frivolous.

“But that’s not the whole story,” a Method Seven representative told us. “Cones and rods within your eyes control the eyes ability to focus and function best at light wavelengths very different from the indoor grow environment. New science proves that the eyes extra effort to focus and correct for excess yellow from HPS lights causes a host of eye strain and health problems.”

Just as important is the fact that you can view your leaves much better. This assists in spotting pests, foreign invaders, mold and mineral deficiencies. 4E has been schooled in the simple proverb of indoor gardening, “your plants are talking, you just have to speak their language.”

It seems Method Seven has made the rosetta stone for translating those messages.



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