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“I know that cannabis has a medical value. I stay cursorily aware of the media coverage and would tend to typify it as consistent with media coverage of innumerable other issues: Sensationalist, under informed and oft misleading. I am in full support of friends and family using any natural means to relieve pain and discomfort. I also am supportive of responsible recreational usage.” I think that everyone’s relationship with their creative process is different I think this also goes for their relationship with cannabis. I know makers who find it essential I know those who refrain…

But I think the conscientiousness of those who do produce and partake in this part of the country have had and will continue to have an international influence.

Have you had a humorous or telling experience with cannabis that you would like to share?

I have numerous hilarious and more importantly, inspirational stories in which cannabis has been a component… (All are much better in person).

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