Currently Reading: Madeline Martinez

Owner of the United States’ first cannabis cafe in Southeast Portland, OR

“Many times we’re deemed as criminals rather than patients. The medical necessity of marijuana is indisputable. It’s nice to be around people who understand your medicine. Not just partake and agree with your usage, but understand its role in your life. Not everyone in my circle of family and friends are understanding. I have faith they will come around. And if not, that’s their right as well. The Puget Sound area has stayed in a place where, the population has been split down the middle. Half for, half against marijuana. It’s been this way for quite sometime. However with the uprising of marijuana education, you see more people against it changing their tune. Education is power!”


Is it socially acceptable to smoke cannabis these days in your opinion?

“More and more with each passing year, yes. Having a place where one can medicate around like minded individuals, like our cafe, helps diminish the negative stigmas. We don’t have to hide in our homes, or duck in between street corners anymore.”

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