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Seattle’s hottest band headed to SXSW was “Don’t Talk To The Cops” and before leaving they created the “Murderburger” at Lil’ Woody’s which included a custom designed t-shirt. That’s Lil’ Woody’s for ya, a burger joint that just happens to be on the cutting edge of everything Capitol Hill. From the Derek Erdman art on the walls, to the hand-painted menu and window decals, and even the mascot logo with personality – it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.

And the fare won’t disappoint. There is nothing but Painted Hills ground beef on the grill, shakes are straight from Molly Moons and if “The Fig and The Pig” burger ever let’s us down we’ll let you know. Take a seat you’ll be waiting awhile. This particular delicacy stars a hefty heap of Boat Street Pickled Figs, bacon and a combo of mayo and gorgonzola that makes Carl’s Jr jealous of it’s drips.

But the real come-up is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger. Joram Young, the cook and craftsman behind the range top, brings it out to you and make sure to ask him about the old family recipe that belies this slice of heaven. He won’t tell all his secrets, but after one bite you’ll see why. To say anymore about it would be a disservice. Eat one. Asap. That’s the best we can do.

And in true Lil’ Woody’s fashion, you’ll always see something new on the menu which captures the essence of the neighborhood. Case in point, Lil’ Woody’s and Big Mario’s pizza held a burger exchange program shortly after launching. Permission slips were signed by legal guardians and the Trotter burger became a pizza at Big Mario’s, and Big Mario Vellotti sent his chicken parm sandwich down Pine St. to be served at Lil’ Woody’s. Stop in and see what’s cooking this week, because you can bet it’s for a limited time only.

1211 Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 457-4148

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