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Reverend, New Beginnings Christian Fellowship


“Cannabis’s medical value has been established since biblical days, and long before that. I am for marijuana as medicine, I am not crazy about the abuse of it for recreational use, but I am more tired of a broken system. Even if we make it legal, there will always be a large group who frown upon it. But people must understand that 502, does not mean you can smoke outdoors!”


Do you follow the news hoopla in WA State about this issue?


“I do and I offer up my voice whenever or wherever it is needed in the defense of marijuana. It is an argued issue, however I strongly believe that this State’s war on drugs, has been a war on black and brown people. If they as aggressively enforced marijuana laws on frat row here at the University of Washington, or in Bellevue, [then] by the time they got to MLK or Rainier Avenue, the jails would be full.”

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