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Tacoma’s next big attraction features the country’s love affair with the automobile

The building will certainly stir up some negative reaction, but we love it and think it’s a perfect fit next to the Tacoma Dome. The car collections of Harold LeMay and a variety of curated exhibits make up “America’s Car Museum,” four floors of luxury coaches and racing beauties.

“They’ve shaped history, given us freedom and mobility, and in many ways helped define how we see ourselves,” President and CEO David Lowe Madeira said in a release.

The early Indy 500 models and Ferrari timeline were high points for us, but nothing topped the “Cadillac to Mexico” car used by the Fabulous Wailers, Tacoma’s pioneering band best known for it’s rendition of “Louie, Louie,” but also featured on “American Bandstand” and authors of a Top-40 hit (Tall Cool One) in 1959.

The 1976 Brougham was dubbed the “Wailer Mobile.” Artist Teddy Haggardy painted it, only fitting since he did the album artwork for the release in the early 2000s. We remember hearing stories about them riding around Tacoma using the PA system on top of the car to promote shows, and these guys were old enough to be your grandpas when they did it. Bad ass.


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