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Writer, MC, Hip-Hop Historian

Notable Projects: The Stranger’s Hip-Hop column, Member of “Don’t Talk To The Cops!”

“I think it plays a huge role (in the local culture scene), we have great cannabis in this area, and we’re real recognized for it. The artists here are naturally and famously in sync with the weed culture. It helps color our expression from the Pac NW, how people interact around marijuana. I feel totally fine with it, seeing as I grew up around weed smokers all my life. My mother smoked it, and for the record I didn’t smoke til I was 18 and out of her house. Too many (stories) I couldn’t share I’m sure, but the number one thing that comes to mind is the time I smoked and my ears wouldn’t stop ringing. My friends were laughing their asses off because it was driving me crazy, I went and put on these like air-traffic controller headphones I had to block it out and it didn’t work. I guess I was puffing that ‘loud.”

Do you think cannabis has medical value?
“Absolutely, I would think that’s general knowledge at this point. Person can’t eat because of chemo, smoke weed. Person stressed the fuck out everyday, smoke weed! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

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