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Kush Creams has a deep local connection in WA State, and an even deeper concern for topical applications of cannabis that can heal you in ways you never thought possible

On the banks of the salty Sound the Schwartings took up residency in what is now Gig Harbor before the state was even ratified. They established the first ferry system in the South Sound, catering to Seattle elites as an escape from the busy city. Local entrepreneurs “Kush Creams” have given this small stop-over community more notoriety recently for what they export – what can only be described as the most luxurious, effective, and wide ranging cannabis infused topical treatment line we’ve ever used.

Arthur Schwarting, father of “The Schwarting Approach” – the science of perfect botanical extraction – are in Kush Creams’ genes quite literally. His direct decedents started the company. The approach is recognized worldwide in the field of pharmacology as a method of identifying the exact chemical compound within a plant that provides the sought relief and extracting that compound, to then be concentrated and transformed into an easy to administer, easy to regulate dosage.

Using this same process, Kush Creams isolates and extracts THC’s and CBD’s – so that they might be transformed and absorbed into the body without any unwanted additional components. Coupled with an unwavering dedication to only using the purest essential oils and a complex blend of the most beneficial herbs available in our lush climate. The patient is left with a rich, artisan, apothecary concoction that permeates the dermis to deliver optimal healing benefits.

Through the incorporation specifically of Emu oil, the cream is able to deliver the active ingredients deep below the surface of the skin (directly to the epidermal layer) to be more easily absorbed by the blood stream. Purity is key when administering such highly concentrated extracts to a patient, so Kush Creams has made it routine to have all their products tested. When releasing a product (and their selection varies widely) Kush Creams offers a full aspectrometer reading of terpine levels, residual pesticides, and improperly flushed nutrients, alongside the standard active THC and CBD count.

The result is a product that can regenerate skin cells, heal scar tissue, treat excema, stimulate hair growth in cancer patients, or control pain from an achy tooth – all using the same basic ingredients. What many don’t realize, is that the secret to THC-laden infusion is a byproduct of extraction. Knowing the Kush Creamsters have been making BHO and RSO for over 20 years, patients can rest assured that they are experiencing the most considerate concentrates at work.

Available in over 125 collective gardens across the state, many of their products, like the face & eye cream (a staple for our female staff members), are back ordered for months at a time. Every run is still done in small batches by the Schwartings themselves. Meg Schwarting’s mom comes over and helps label the signature black jars. Her cousin recently moved to Gig Harbor from Denver specifically to help with the extractions.

Their connection to the community extends well beyond their presence in the co-ops. It wasn’t long ago that the Kush Creams team brought a medicated shower to a Phish concert at The Gorge Amphitheater. The “shower” was actually their toner (cannabis hydrosole) sprayed onto weary show goers. So refreshed and revitalized were the music lovers, that when Kush Creams had a booth but no shower at the Grateful Dead reunion, even though it was miserable and pouring rain, there was considerable belly aching over the absence.

The effect is unlike anything we had tried before. Beyond removing any pains from the site of the application, the cream heals and seals the dermis, clearing up red spots or de-puffing our sleep derived eyes. Scars are healed with record speed. The naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal properties as derived from the cannabis plant act as the ultimate acne-fighting moisturizer.

The product line has expanded to include over 40 different scents, shampoo & conditioner, throat spray, sun screen, topical anti-septic pain spray, cough suppressants, and so on. The list is ever expanding and changes seasonally.

We suggest you try a sample when you visit the collective, that is usually fair game. Ask for it before you start your consultation with the budtender. When it comes time for you to give your donation, you will notice the wonderful effects of the cream seeping in before you are out the door.

– L.D.

Top Take-Homes from the Kush Creams Crop

Organic Permafrost Lotions
Get ready for a tingle. Like Icey-Hot without the medical smell, this leaves a cinnamon sweetness an deep pain relief as its calling card.

Brain Freeze Conditioner
Be generous if you have lots of hair, because you want to really get this thick on the scalp. The formula penetrates the follicle, stimulating hair growth (we’ve seen successes with our own eyes).

The Cough Spray
What we like to call a “one hitter quitter.” One spray of this to the back of the throat instantly coats, and suppresses the most vicious cough plaguing smoke ravaged vocal chords.
The Face Cream
My God, it’s totally worth the $30/oz price tag. You have to be lucky just to find it in stock. Rich, yet light, it rejuvenates the battered skin cells in ways no department store face cream can touch.

Acapulco Gold Sunscreen
All the luxuries of the Kush Creams plus SPF 5 so we still get some bronzing during those rare months of sun or even rarer vacations.



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