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Keyboard Kid
Recording Artist, Music Producer, DJ for “Lil B the Based God”

“I for one never liked taking pills or anything like that. I don’t even like taking NYQUIL. I’d rather get medicinal tea. I think we need it legalized but we gotta be careful how we legalize it. I for one don’t want the big companies and government taking over the the (cannabis) industry. I just don’t trust them because they are all for profit.”

Have you had a humorous experience with cannabis that you are willing to share?

“In my younger years… I was the guy in the group that always got too high and passed out. So one time we picked up some cute girls and we’re on the way to get food or something. I completely OD and I’m trying my hardest to stay awake in the backseat. I end up passing out and snoring on one of the chick’s arm [Laughter]. Really embarrassing.”

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