Currently Reading: INFINITE SOUPS

This cult favorite on Tacoma Ave is the preferred lunch destination for Tacoma News Tribune reporters. Fitting, because if you haven’t been there it feels like you need an investigative journalist just to find the place. It’s part of the charm. Tucked in a tidy storefront next to Malarky’s Billiards and the Grit City sign, is the best soup a spoon has ever touched.

All Infinite Soups does is soup – and compliment it with hearty bread for the dip-and-dunk. They also vend at the Tacoma Farmer’s Market more often than not. The limited menu has no shallow end, but the 4E must-have item is “Mandi’s Mushroom” soup. The owner’s namesake is notorious, she sautés locally-forged fungus in bacon grease and then uses that grease in the cream base. It’s a life-changing meal in a paper take-out bag.

445 Tacoma Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 274-0232

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