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Australian rap phenom Iggy Azalea on marijuana as medicine and getting spanked by Elvis

Love her or loathe her, there is no denying Iggy Azalea’s role in the future of hip-hop music. The beautiful Australian, born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, began her love affair with music at the tender age of 11. By 14 she was putting pen to paper, under the influence of Tupac Shakur, and writing her own lyrics.

“Tupac’s was a huge part of my life at a younger age,” Azalea tells us in an exclusive interview. “I was literally obsessed! I memorized every song, and his pictures were all over my wall. He inspired me from the moment I first heard ‘Baby Don’t Cry’. I started writing my own raps, but I kept it a secret for a while.”

While the rap scene flourished in the States, the fan base in Australia continued to slowly rise. Wanting to immerse herself in her new interest, Azalea found comfort and refuge, in the only local hip-hop social community at its time.

“If you’re from Australia you know there is no Hip-Hop or Rap scene without the Sudanese refugees. I have them to thank, and I always will,” Azalea recalls. “They make up a large percentage of the people in the country who like hip-hop. The Sudanese embraced hip-hop, created events and gave back to the community. It was literally the only place to go if hip-hop was what you were looking for.”

Now in her twenties Azalea has put Australia on the map bringing her bold, brash, and vulgar image to the industry.

“Me vulgar no way! People don’t know how to perceive me and that’s fine. I’m learning that people have a hard time separating real life from the art that I do,” she explains. “The fur coats, dogs and ice cream, its all art. I know my fans understand it, that it’s metaphorical. I don’t see why I have to separate what really happened from the metaphorical. I get so much hate for it, but if you think everything your favorite artist says is real; well then you’re stupid and I don’t want you to be a fan. My music, like ‘D.R.U.G.S’ is just social commentary for me, like pop art.”

While Azalea is not for the promotion of drugs, she is a strong supporter of the medical marijuana movement.

“Just like music there is a large amount of people with social blinders, when it comes to weed,” Azalea says. “People act like it’s a drug, in my opinion it’s not. I understand and I’m all for people using it as medicine. I think to be against making it legal is ignorant. And the media is ignorant and they try so hard to be politically and socially correct or conscious; but in doing that it somehow ends up still tainted, or ignorant. There are no deaths by weed, not one. I love where I live, but Seattle’s openness about weed makes living there appealing.”

Now after several singles have exploded through social network sites, Azalea plans to monopolize her current fame and give awaiting fans what they want – more new tracks.

“DIPLO is helping me, and honestly I couldn’t have a better team. More ice cream, more fur, and maybe even one of Elvis spanking me. I’ve always wanted to be spanked by Elvis.”

– Elisa Beall



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