Currently Reading: A Pound and a Half In A Pool In Zaire

Hunter S. Thompson’s real life antics became stoner bedtime stories.

It all started with a Rolling Stone assigning him to cover a police seminar on Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. A stogy suit pointed out that a reefer butt is called a roach because it resembles a cockroach, and Thompson interjected at the proceedings, something which was highly taboo for a reporter.

“You have to be crazy on acid to think a joint looked like a fucking cockroach.”

He was high on acid during the coverage he later admitted.

He went to Zaire in 1974 to cover the Ali v. Foreman fight dubbed the “Rumble in the Jungle” by maligned fight promoter Don King. He never attended the fight.

“I stayed at my hotel swimming pool. I floated there naked,” Thompson recalled. “I’d thrown a pound and a half of marijuana into the pool – it was together there in a sort of clot, and then it began to spread out in a green slick. It was very luxurious floating in that stuff, though it’s not the best way to obtain a high.”

Sir Smoke-A-Lot in “Half Baked” couldn’t touch Hunter S. Thompson’s real life antics.


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