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At 4E we’re always on the lookout for high fashion cannabis items. Too often our visual proclamation that we like weed is a crappy graphic on an even crappier shirt. When acclaimed streetwear brand HUF made these woven items with cannabis icons and called it “PlantLife” it towered above other efforts 4E has seen. From boxers, tees and hats to Xmas stockings this collection is a sensible way to make a statement about our loveable plant without falling prey to some stoner cliche.

The spot to get these quality socks close to your block is “Alive & Well,” a new Capitol Hill skate boutique on Pike. The space is well adapted after its previous run as the beloved Punctuation Gallery, and all the shelving/furniture was built on-site by hand. The big opening party was March 9th across the street at HG Lodge with guest DJ Dom Kennedy. The place was wall-to-wall like it was the famous drunken breakdancing battle Rords of the Froor.

New stuff is being posted to Alive & Well’s instagram and tumblr throughout the week so when new HUF PlantLife products land you’ll be able to make arrangements before the lot is sold through. As a matter of fact new colors of these Kick-Rocks Socks arrived at Alive & Well this week.

As we have profiled before in our “Great Moments In Cannabis Fashion” feature (on, items like Refinery29’s knit sweater impresses us. It goes beyond simple screen-printing and gives stylish cannabis connoisseurs another option to work with. Small little details can often make more of an impression than an in-your-face statement. Go get a pair and start showing out for the cause.



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