Currently Reading: Henry’s Donuts

We had heard that this little family owned quick stop has the best apple fritters in the history of humanity. One bite, and hyperbole be damned. But just as amazing was the maple bar with bacon and the almond bear claw. It is open 24 hours and reminds us of the days when Krispy Kreme and TopPot chains weren’t the only starchy morning snack that arrived by the dozen in the PDA office. The cinnamon roll didn’t require a blind taste test to leap past Cinnabon’s corporate cookie cutter crapola.

They make everything from scratch in the little kitchen in the back, so sometimes the selection runs low and fresh batches are elusive. We recommend asking the nice couple that owns and operates the joint what is fresh out of the fryers. Get whatever that is, and take a few extra napkins. A baker’s dozen always includes lucky number 13 and they do take debit cards, although the transaction is a little slow especially for those rushing to work in the morning. We prefer to slide on it after that rush around 10 am when the selection is at it’s peak after re-stocking to replenish the shelves after the morning’s grab-and-go crowd.

Henry’s Donuts
2515 Broadway
Everett, WA 98201
(425) 258-6887

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