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Superoots Air Pots are an import worth the shipping

Smack in the middle of London is Trafalgar Square, a wide open tourist trap where few locals actually go. This dreary plaza was spruced up recently by a hedge-maze installation executed by a Northamptonshire company. Custom Air-Pot troughs by Superoots were built for this task. The best was required to handle the elements. If these botanicals can grow in soggy London where the sun shines less than Seattle, your indoor garden is a piece of medicated cake.

These pots act to avoid the spiraling process of root systems by presenting no flat surfaces to deflect them. The result is a reduced growing time in the nursery and an increased shelf life. It is billed as a “recyclable, reusable growing system” made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Other notable endorsers include the Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh and the Fondazione Minoprio in Italia. Not bad company to keep. Plus you can get them on Amazon from a hundred or so re-sellers.

“The speed in which the plant fills the Superoots Air-Pot containers with root is astonishing, and all the species tried so far – even the most difficult species like Juglans and Ginkgo – thrive in it,” wrote Nick Bentley, an Arboriculturist/Grower from London, in a testimonial.

As we know cannabis is not one of the more difficult species to cultivate if you create the right conditions through careful planning. And speaking of planning, the 2012 Athletes’ Village at the Olympic Games in London will feature 2,000 trees grown by Dutch legend Van den Berk. Every one of these Oak trees is Air-Pot grown.

“Non-spiralling root systems that are impossible to develop in any other available container,” the website exclaims.

For once it isn’t just empty marketing talk. Try them.

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