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The high-design of Sovereignty Glass is available at Piece of Mind

They have a Facebook page with nothing on it, no website or wikipedia, no tumblr or instagram. That should suggest to you that Sovereignty Glass (SG) has become one of the world’s most coveted smoking sculptures almost entirely by word of mouth. Coming from small beginnings in Riverside, CA enthusiasts used to be able to order direct and get custom designs hand-forged. The same owner remains but now it’s distributed through “Aqua Lab Technologies” as scientific-grade smoking glassware, and don’t bother calling about custom designs.

These SG’s are modern art, with striking structure and sturdy glass that functions noticeably different than low-price point competitors. Not everyone wants to spend between $300 and $1,500 for the SG & Royal collab with the “Fume Scratch Peyote Pillar Perc Gold Label #1.” But if you do you’ll notice why it costs more, and there are lots of after market options including recycled pieces on the Internet. Most feature “Natty Splash” bent necks and stemless design which are the features we enjoy most.

Only a select few head shops are given the privilege of buying wholesale direct, and Piece of Mind (PoM) in Fremont is the place to go. Part of a network of glass retailers in business since 1997, PoM opened it’s doors in Fremont in 2003 and added another 500 sq/ft in 2008. Bringing you hard to find accessories and glassware is in their DNA, no question is out-of-bounds and that’s why them call themselves “pound for pound the dopest shop around.”

If your appalled by these exquisite pieces and the prices they carry, just order five Sovereignty stickers for $3 and put one on your current glassware. Faking the funk usually passes inspection since many local cannabis fans don’t pay attention to quality glassware. But once you try a Sovereignty, that all changes.

315 N 36th Ave
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 675-0637



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