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This message has been made possible by marijuana.

The members of this band of musical futurists call themselves RayGun, The Doctor and Blastro. These appear to be their government names. They insist they are clones of their real selfs and all their clones have valid medical authorizations in the State of Washington although they reside off planet in the winters. We checked it, the paperwork is legit.

After centuries on “Kepler 22,” the Future Earth Planet, we are told Future Shock© returned to listen to what they described as “old shit for the first time.”

“We were once banned from this planet. We’re cosmic outlaws,” RayGun tells us after buying a half ounce of Fruity Pebbles OG. “Jabba put a bounty on our heads. We came back to visit our ancestors. Music is another language of ours. It sounds like your future. Many will be forced to flee to future earth before long.”

We have never met Blastro, but RayGun and The Doctor are PDA Lounge regulars. They conceal their faces with what they called “adornments.”

“Adornment is a shield to defend integrity,” RayGun says of this headgear.

“Mind controlling audio is our preferred method of world domination,” The Doctor explains. “We dare you to get in our way. Open your ears and your eyes wide. You will find us. Only be afraid if you are afraid of life. Humans are poisoned so we identify as humanoids. The term alien is so prehistoric.”

Naturally our next question was what is marijuana like on Future Earth?

“Weed is not necessary,” The Doctor clarifies. “It is a thing of the past. But I find it nostalgic – although it doesn’t affect me like it used to. Some try it when they can find it. We only use it when we are on Earth.”


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