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Freestyle Dancer, Bboy, Soul Shifters/Circle of Fire founder

“Its hard to find someone who doesn’t find a medical value in cannabis now-a-days, which is a great thing. It means people are waking up, instead of walking around with ignorant notions. I don’t judge people for using. And I am blessed to have family and friends who don’t judge me. We need to move past the idea that there needs to be any judgment towards the issue at all. I have noticed that cannabis plays a big role in just about every aspect of the Puget Sound. People smoke on the streets, at festivals and are more open about their usage. We have rallies, and benefits all focusing on cannabis. I think its a beautiful thing.”

Do you follow the politics about cannabis in Olympia?

“I try not to follow the news too much. I find out facts on certain subjects and form my opinions around that. If more people did the same, they would find their opinions changing. And notice that the news feeds you the watered down version of the truth.”

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