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The Northwest Cannabis Market in Seattle’s White Center neighborhood combines good times and good meds five days a week

There is a certain vendor vibe that makes NW Cannabis Market so special. The outside booths along the wall are fairly constant and the faces become familiar. Everyone genuinely enjoys each other’s company and it spreads to the visiting patients, taking the tension out of the access point experience. Booths around the inner circle tend to see patients at the market a few times a week, and rotate in ad-hoc. There is a medication lounge on the premises so vendors will occasionally let you sample as strain before buying.

It’s that kind of hospitality that makes an impression.

Roses are put out in delicate arrangements on Thursdays for ladies appreciation day. That’s 4E’s favorite day to come anyway because you get a little more time with the vendors than on weekends. The market can see hundreds of patients in a single day, and hosts local comedy nights, karaoke contests, and other wildly popular events that always seem to be a big hit. The eclectic main strip in White Center, 16th Ave SW, has parking galore too even during the lunch rush.

It’s people like Rick DeLove of “People’s Champz Edibles” that you come to see. After spending 20 years as a bartender he used his mixology know-how to perfectly balance and sweeten medicated juices. His clients often need a morning dosage and he prepares them with this in mind. You know they are good because the other vendors are always sneaking over and making trades to get them. He’s just starting out but has sold 1,000 bottles in three months and likes the direction things are heading.

“I’m only doing this for one reason, and that’s to get people off of Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin and Soma,” DeLove says with an edge that suggests pill abuse has hit close to home in his life.

His edibles reflect a trend we have been seeing, small bite high-potency baked goods, that minimize the extra sugar that plagues your diet if you need to ingest cannabis daily for your ailments. Blue Bird “Cake Pops” are another light fare with a full gram dosage in a single bite, that we can’t get enough of.

Julie from Puff n’ Stuf is serving her homemade ravioli for lunch today, she makes an unmedicated batch for those who prefer it. Her hot medicated meals are her calling card, and they sure aren’t how mama used to make. The medicated relish on any food off the grill is becoming a tradition at PDA editorial meetings.

Sasquatch Deliveries mostly serves the Eastside, a lifesaver to 4E patients across Lake Washington with little choice but a commute to Seattle for retail access to cannabis. They carry the “Euphoria” line of medicated elixirs that are made by Get Well Foods, which put most drink mixes to shame. We especially like that these have full nutrition facts on the packaging right next to the testing results, putting patient safety first is always a good look.

Humanity Collective is positioned in a booth near the door, and has built quite a rep as the late-night delivery service with top-shelf strains that fully live up to their names. We try to pry some juicy details about the nicest houses, apartments or celebrity clients they visit regularly, and confirm if the rumors are true. But the nice young MMA fighter that tends to their booth at the market can’t divulge, so we instead take advantage of the two grams for $25 donation policy. Considering how good the harvests have been in the Humanity family, demand surfaced recently for their trimmings. Now they offer eight grams of shake for $20, and aspiring cannabis chefs stock their pantries for the next batch they plan to whip up.

Van is across the aisle and he is known for pushing THC concentration levels to the brink of insanity. His collective “Van’z” specializes in clones, dry goods and his ice cream is a dietary staple for the vendors at the market. The “Cookie Crush” pint is $20 but a few spoonfuls is all the lovin’ a daily cannabis partaker requires. Even a high tolerance is no match, and it goes down like Ben and Jerry’s. Van had a batch of medicated cookies that didn’t come out right, so he soaked them in coconut milk for hours and carefully blended about 10 grams of BHO into the mixture. He partners with a bakery three blocks away, and that’s just how they do it in White Center.

Analytical360 serves the testing needs of the vendors like rich folks handle dry cleaning. Every week they are dropping off and picking up. As a result a much larger number of the products available from NW Cannabis Market vendors are tested, than in a typical collective. We are big fans of the hard-plastic tamperproof cards that display the results, there is a sense of authenticity that comes with that keepsake. The market then posts the testing results for the vendor’s inventory on their website, establishing a permalink web page that they can they use for social media.

This isn’t some lazy stoner-come-lately operation.

Many of the delivery services that have chosen not to set-up shop around town use the market to meet new patients, and expand their network. Farmers also use the friendly confines to get to know other collective gardens in case they may want to form an alliance in the future. The interaction that takes place here is absolutely essential to protecting the fabric of a cannabis as medicine movement, where we all can enjoy each other’s company as much as the medicine we share.

11 am – 7 pm

9640 16th Ave SW
Seattle, WA

Phone: 360.420.4303



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