Currently Reading: Engine House No. 9

This converted 1907 fire station, and historic landmark, now houses a pub brewery that 4E counts among is favorite haunts. It was established in 1972 and the food has taken off after a recent change in management. The signature plate is the “Famous E9 Northwest Taco” which has been on the menu since the beginning, it still features the smoky E9 sauce and is unique in the way it’s prepared. The flour tortilla is rolled and baked with the fixins inside.

Bar trivia night is a hoot and when we have guests from out of town that want to try something new we bring them to E9 for a bison burger with blue cheese crumbles. Eating buffalo meat in a saloon-style brick building tends to satisfy the tourist’s need for a Northwest adventure in dining. Our favorite bar snack is the “Texas Straws” where julienned jalapeno peppers and onions are battered and deep fried to golden heaven. Get E9 sauce instead of ranch dressing.

The selection of craft beers are ample and the brewmasters are always serving a small batch draught with an exotic flavor combination. They do karaoke on Saturdays and the regulars go hard with their 80s covers. Private dining is available with a reservation; E9 caters too.

611 N Pine St
Tacoma, WA 98438

(253) 272-3435

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