Currently Reading: Elisa Beall

Journalist, Music Writer

“At a time where a pill for everything has become normal, and pill marketing/advertisement, is being pushed practically down our throats; how can we be okay with something that will cause so many negative side effects, and reject something natural like cannabis? Seems crazy right? Most Puget Sound residents are open pro-cannabis advocates. This is evident in our musical gatherings and festivals like Hempfest. After visiting Japan, where a person can do hardcore time for possession of even a small amount; I was happy to come back home, where it is more accepted.”

As a writer how do you feel about mass media’s coverage of the cannabis issue?
“In the beginning, I think every advocate for the cause was excited that the media was even discussing the topic. However like most things,the media took what could be a positive platform and tainted it. They cover our protests, and then end the story with a negative undertone. I like to call it ‘Back Handed Journalism.”

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